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2017 Arab Health Exhibition

Arab Health, now in its 42th year, is the world's longest running healthcare exhibition and congress, taking place every January in Dubai.

With the Middle East healthcare industry worth an estimated $80 billion per year, Arab Health is truly at 'The Heart of Global Healthcare'.Read more ...

Welcom to Exirsazan
About Us

Having decades of family business experience in wholesale, distribution, production and repair of medical equipment, utilities and supplies as well as healthcare products, we decided to complete the circle. Exirsazan was established to play the role of the importing arm of the already well established wholesale, distribution network and production business.
Thanks to the presence of well experienced consultants and colleagues we managed to gather under one roof, we soon were able to establish long term business relations with some foreign counterparts serving as their local exclusive sales agent / distributor. Our network of foreign counterparts is increasingly expanding every day. We aim to be able to present and offer to our customers a variety of high quality product categories under famous brands. Our motto is offering the best brand of each product category.
Iranian market ranks among the biggest, prosperous and progressive markets in the Middle East region. This market is an ideal target for innovative products as well as newly designed version of already existing models.
We are always available for consultation and subsequent cooperation with companies who have ambitions towards the Iranian market.
Please contact us. It pays!